Truth: Your Kingdom Come 9oz Donation Candle

Truth: Your Kingdom Come 9oz Donation Candle

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Your kingdom come; your will be done...


Matthew 6:10 has us directly asking God for faith even though much is unknown, obedience even if we don't like what is revealed and wisdom in what God calls us to discern. Through this piece of scripture, the heart of man cries out to the most holy asking quite literally for heaven to come to earth.

So, what does "truth" have to do with it?

It's used 235 times in the Bible. So, it's got to be important right?


I searched for a lot of truth in the Spring of 2018. My son, Henry was just over the hill of 1 and up until that point aside from some fairly common ear infections - he was a happy, fulfilling and all boy - baby boy. But then, the week of his well visit at just 13 months old he received the MMR (3 in 1) shot + 2 others and within the week - I lost my happy, fulfilling all boy. What sat in front of me was a lost seemingly at times shell of a child. During the week of this well visit my child drastically regressed from milestones he easily achieved. He stopped walking and started crawling. He stopped using words, turning into babble which eventually turned into noises. He lost the spark of life in his eyes. He just seemed detached. He was sick that whole week - he had a fever and was very sluggish.


Months later I recognized the increase of signs.

My son had Autism.


But you don't catch Autism from not washing your hands after using public transit. You don't catch Autism from not having a well-balanced diet. In fact, you don't catch Autism at all. Scientist today are attempting to pin the cause on genetics - to which I laugh since genetically speaking we are probably LESS healthy than our ancestor's 100+ years ago because of the environmental factors surrounding us and what we've been consuming...all of which has changed if not in our lifetime, then in our blood line, our genetics.

Think about it, why are there SO MANY kids with allergies and autoimmune diseases?


But I'll come down off that soap box.

Truth isn't opinion. Truth is based off factual evidence that can be proven by means (scientifically, historically, mathematically, etc.) time and time again. And it's the truth that I'm seeking not only for my son Henry, but for countless other children in the discovery of what really has caused Autism and more importantly WHY the Autism rates are continually rising.

Now you and I can agree to disagree, that's the beauty of a free society. But, it's a FACT that there are families of children WITH Autism who have gone through the vaccine court and WON their case. Proving that either their DTap or MMR vaccine caused their child's Autism - now the courts state it with a slight difference as to not lay full blame on the vaccines but that a "reaction" caused X Y Z which caused Autism. The indirect approach allows for deniability - but again, I'll let YOU do your own research. For now I just ask - wouldn't you want to know the truth?


My son is now 5 years old.

He has never had a friend.

He struggles when his routine is disrupted.

He will only eat certain foods by certain brands.

He still drinks from a sippy and bottle.

He struggles to wear clothes.

He can't handle too many noises all at once.

He isn't aware of danger.

He's eloped from our home... several times.

He has a weakened immune system.

I've never had a conversation with my son.

He only really just learned how to use words in the past year and its simple things to let us know he wants a certain food or to take him upstairs (to his bedroom). He doesn't have or hold conversations with us.

He isn't aware of the present, the past or the future.


I don't know if my son will ever be potty trained. If he'll drive a car. Move out of the house. Get a job. Fall in love.


Autism takes so much and while the spectrum is broad and wide. There are kids that fall every which way on this field, some more severe than others. It still leaves a lot of unknowns.


It's in my personal belief that we should celebrate the child, not the Autism.

Autism is not a gift from God - my child is.
Autism is a hardship handed out by a fallen world. A world with deception, corruption and evil. Autism doesn't need more awareness; it needs a solution.


If I could get my boy back - I would, in a heartbeat. Because Autism wasn't his destiny. It was a result from a decision of ignorance I made as his mother. So, in this lifetime, I'll fight and seek - truth. For his sake, not for Autism.


If our story has touched you - or if you know someone affected by Autism, please consider purchasing one of our 9oz candles. Scents do vary. To see the current scent see the drop-down option at checkout. $5 of every candle sold goes back to Autism research through monthly donations given to the Autism Research Institute. We also support locally, parents of newly diagnosed children with Autism by creating one of a kind sensory bins to best fit their child's specific need(s). 


Want to read for yourself?

Start here with my recommended reading: 

Underestimated An Autism Miracle or How to End the Autism Epidemic, both titles by JB Hanley


John 9:1-3

Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind

As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"

"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him."


What happens to us is from the fallen world. What happens FOR us is from above. God did not give my child Autism. He didn't bestow it as a gift or set him apart from the rest as he did his only son Jesus to bear the burden of sin for all others. Autism simply happened. Not because our precious boy was being punished or because God didn't care. Not because I or my husband weren't perfect Christians - even if Henry was born with Autism already present these things would not be true simply because I do not reside in heaven but on this earth and while our son was formed in my womb and God knew him long before me - He did not seek to harm a child of his own. 

But in it's happening by a fallen world we will see God work through him. And God, if he sees fit will/can also heal him just as Jesus did with the blind man.

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