Sweet Summer Night 12oz.
Sweet Summer Night 12oz.

Sweet Summer Night 12oz.

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*NEW* to the seasonal collection, Summer 2021.

This candle is available June-July.

Summer is fun! The kids are out of school. The days are long, and while it's hotter than most times of the year, the nights are crisp and cool. Our Sweet Summer Nights candle will take you back in time to days when you cared less about how early you had to get up in the morning and more about living in the moment of "right now".


This scent smells like: a sweet blend of berries with a dash of green tea.

This candle does best in: entryways, wash/laundry rooms along with guest or bedrooms but we've also found it to do well in kitchens and living spaces too.

The perfect gift for: anyone who loves summertime.

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