(R) Survivor 12oz.

(R) Survivor 12oz.

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This candle retired in 2021 due to changes in our oils. We aren't able to blend it the same way with the same quality anymore.

Everyone is fighting a battle we can't always see. Survivor is one of a few candles we hope to bring to the collection that while it may be limited, it makes an impact when it is around. It honors those who need that reminder that they've made it this far and they can't give up now. You are a blessing - or maybe someone you know is that to you. Tell them.


This scent smells like: a soft and clean scent mixture of mixed berries, Lily of the Valley and vanilla. It's like clean laundry but expensive clean laundry :)

This candle does best in: Bedrooms, entryways, guest rooms and bathrooms. Smaller spaces.

The perfect gift for: anyone currently fighting something or for someone who maybe has lost someone recently or is remembering a life. Originally this candle was made to honor my own mother who passed of cancer in 2008.

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