Splish Splash 12oz.

Splish Splash 12oz.

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Come on you've thought about it...could there be a way to bottle up the scent of a newborn babe? Well we got pretty close! Our Splish Splash candle reminds us all of the sweeter more innocent times. It's a playful scent that doesn't overwhelm but is also quite beautiful in the air. So have a bath and make sure to add some bubbles!


This scent smells like: citrus, soap, and a hint of sweet honey.

This candle does best in: both bed and bathrooms.

The perfect gift for: New parents, soon to be parents or moms.

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From our home to yours

If your going to bring something into your home you might as well know where it's been. Hand poured from our home with soy wax produced in the US through American farmers. Phthalate free fragrance oils and cotton wicks - because family matters and ingredients do too.


I brought my boyfriend into Life Moments Candle Co. a few months ago. We had so much fun smelling all of the different candles. The Fruit Loop one smelled just like Fruit Loops cereal. The candles burn slow & evenly & last a long time.

Tiffany Renee, Facebook

First off I'd like to say I'm not a candle person due to sensitivity to smells. But I'm obsessed with these candles. They are the only candles that smell amazing and don't give me migraines. There is no nasty fake chemical smell. They smell exactly like what is in them. Some of my favorites are Mom's Fresh Baked Cookies, coconut cream pie, and Lancaster County. Try them. You will not be disappointed.

Penny Whary, Facebook

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