School Bells 12oz.

School Bells 12oz.

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A candle for any grade and it's a sweet take on some of the sweetest years of life. Great as a 1st day of school gift or end of the year thank you - give it to your Principle, teachers, even bus drivers! Everyone appreciates the School Bells candle and it's a great sentiment, not to mention perfect year round candle to burn!


This scent smells like: crisp apples & fresh flower blossoms.

This candle does best in: guest rooms, entryways, office spaces, kitchen spaces, wash/laundry rooms and bathrooms. 

The perfect gift for: Teachers and/or teacher assistants of course! But anyone in the educational field would be happy to receive this as a gift. It's also a great idea for mom's sending little ones off to school for the first time or kids heading off to college.

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