Raindrops on Tin Roofs 12oz.
Raindrops on Tin Roofs 12oz.

Raindrops on Tin Roofs 12oz.

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*NEW* to the seasonal collection, Spring 2021.

This candle is available only for April only.

We know spring showers bring flowers but what does that quiet time before life returns anew smell like? Well we think we came up with that scent. Enjoy Rain drops on Tin Roofs as a peaceful candle, one to burn when your ready to wind down and enjoy life.


This scent smells like: probably nothing you've ever smelled before, but the scent brings you home reminding you exactly of a damp day in May. There is an slight earthiness to it that feels like home. It's a beautiful unisex scent that's perfect for anywhere in the home.

This candle does best in: anywhere but does great in larger spaces like kitchens and living rooms.

The perfect gift for: anyone! But especially someone who loves the outdoors, enjoys the rain and quiet moments of life. 

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