Pennsylvania Sunrise 12oz.

Pennsylvania Sunrise 12oz.

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When we launched our brand back in March 2019 we had 8 different candles ready on the line and one of those candles, which turned out to be a best seller - Pennsylvania Sunsets. We wanted to bring our customers the sibling of that crowd favorite and thus Sunrise was born. Made from the inspiration of the most beautiful sunrise it's a perfect year round Fall-type candle to burn year round.


This scent smells like: a crisp Fall morning. A mixture of red ginger, caramel and vanilla play well together to bring a sense of early morning to any space regardless of the actual time of day.

This candle does best in: closed spaces, living rooms and entryways.

The perfect gift for: tourist, homesick friends & family, kids heading off to college or those who love where they live.

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