Mystery Box of 4 Candles

Mystery Box of 4 Candles

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Being a small business is hard enough, but being a small business during a global pandemic? It feels pretty impossible at times. We've decided in loo of needing some new equipment and larger storage pieces for our shop/home (where we now make all of our candles from to allow for more occupancy in our store front) to open up for a fundraiser of sorts that the community can get in on. By purchasing a mystery box you are quite literally helping us get: 

  • a new wax melter! Currently priced with Candle Science for $1,179.48 + tax and shipping
  • 2 heavy duty storage shelves for home where we make our candles out of now. These storage shelves will be used for back stock, mailing supplies and order pickups in the Robesonia, PA area. We found 2 that come together on Amazon for $132.99 + tax and shipping
  • and flooring, we've decided the best course of action after covering up some of the holes in our old schoolhouse is to level and then use simple peel and stick floor tiles. For the 300 square feet we need to "tile" the floors we are looking at an estimated cost with the peel and stick titles + tools + adhesive of about $300. 


So that's a grand total of (rounded down slightly) $1,600. This may not seem like much but we are on a budget, especially after being closed down for so long as we prepare for our reopening on January 7th.


So how this works is this:

  • Mystery boxes include 4 candles that are a mystery to you! They could be discontinued scents, limited editions from month's past, seasonal candles or something completely brand new! All 4 candles in your box WILL BE DIFFERENT and if you order more than one box we'll do our best not to duplicate scents in any of the boxes.
  • So yes you CAN buy more than one!
  • This listing CAN (and hopefully will!!) sell out. We'll only sell 50 boxes total. We understand if you did the math $1,600 would mean only selling about 36 boxes BUT we do make our product and therefore have to factor in some of the cost to actually create the candles we're putting into the boxes.
  • You'd normally pay $80 + tax for 4 candles but with our mystery box your only paying $45!


As soon as we hit our goal and sell out we'll buy the items we need! If you have any questions simply email or call/text 610587 2572. We appreciate everyone's help and the continued support of our little candle loving community! This offer is an easy way to stock up and even tuck away some candles as gifts for 2021.

A note about receiving your box:

Because we like to be a little "extra" we won't start delivering or shipping boxes until February 1st this is because we first want to put the best of the best into your boxes as far as candles go, but it's also because we want to personally address each person who supports us with a box purchase - you'll see what we meant when you receive your box. If your box is to be shipped it'll mail Monday, February 1st. If you wish to have your box dropped off this will begin happening the weekend of February 6th. Deliveries will only be made to the Lititz, Ephrata, Manheim and Mount Joy areas. If you'd like your box dropped as a no-contact porch drop then please leave a comment in your checkout notes to ensure this. Simply put "DELIVERY PLEASE". You can also elect to pickup from either our family home and production studio in Robesonia PA starting February 1st OR pick up from our store front in Lititz, PA starting February 4th.


***When you checkout you'll be given the option to have shipped or pickup your mystery box. Remember if you want delivery be sure your in the areas mentioned and leave a note in the checkout notes :) 

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From our home to yours

If your going to bring something into your home you might as well know where it's been. Hand poured from our home with soy wax produced in the US through American farmers. Phthalate free fragrance oils and cotton wicks - because family matters and ingredients do too.


I brought my boyfriend into Life Moments Candle Co. a few months ago. We had so much fun smelling all of the different candles. The Fruit Loop one smelled just like Fruit Loops cereal. The candles burn slow & evenly & last a long time.

Tiffany Renee, Facebook

First off I'd like to say I'm not a candle person due to sensitivity to smells. But I'm obsessed with these candles. They are the only candles that smell amazing and don't give me migraines. There is no nasty fake chemical smell. They smell exactly like what is in them. Some of my favorites are Mom's Fresh Baked Cookies, coconut cream pie, and Lancaster County. Try them. You will not be disappointed.

Penny Whary, Facebook

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