Love without Words 12oz.
Love without Words 12oz.

Love without Words 12oz.

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On top of the 2020 COVID mess we started down the path of discovery with our youngest son, Henry. As we dug deeper we quickly realized many of his experiences were similar to Autistic episodes or quirks and while it took some time to get a full diagnosis we are now on the journey with him to uncover his full potential with Autism as a bonus. While we have high hopes that one day soon he'll be able to communicate with us I couldn't help but create a candle for the moment we're in now - which many parents have been in as all children start off unable to fully express their love and admiration for their parents. So Love without Words is a gift to us but it's one that we hope you enjoy too.


Because there's a little boy in our life with Autism who taught us more about life than anything else in this would probably ever could.


This scent smells like: a child's bedroom, it's a sweet blend of shaved coconut, a squeeze of lemon and fresh bananas. 

This candle does best in: entryways, wash/laundry rooms along with guest or bedrooms.

The perfect gift for: new parents or anyone experiencing a love in their life that is beyond what any words could form.