Lavender & Lemon Melts

Lavender & Lemon Melts

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Made by Dad is a wax melt brand that quite literally is made BY dad. My other half and right hand to our little business here wanted to pickup a task and with my hands being full quite literally with candles we decided wax melts was the answer. Made by Dad wax melts are made with the same high quality soy wax we use for our candles along with phthalate free fragrance oils that are long lasting but cleanly scented. Each of our Made by Dad melts takes it a step further and reminds us just how funny life can be through the everyday task that seem so mundane but connect us all.


This melt is our cleaning house version and it's scented a soft and fresh, Lavender & Lemon. This scent is also featured in one of our best selling candles, Sunday Mornings.

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