Grandma's House 12oz.
Grandma's House 12oz.

Grandma's House 12oz.

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*Limited Release, release in May each year.

Grandma's house was always a magical time, bring the magic and joy home with you with our candle. Scented a wild Milk Thistle this candle is a crowd favorite among the floral fans. Great for the Springtime - it's softness is a warm reminder of family and a beautiful life.


This scent smells like: Milk Thistle, if your not familiar it's a floral and the scent itself has a floral-perfume scent. It's pleasant to those who enjoy this style of candle.

This candle does best in: entryways, wash/laundry rooms along with guest or bedrooms.

The perfect gift for: floral fans will love it, but it's a great gift for Grandma too!