Fireworks & Freedom 12oz.
Fireworks & Freedom 12oz.

Fireworks & Freedom 12oz.

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***Returns yearly a few weeks before 4th of July, and a limited batch is put out during the holiday season for Veterans Day. Need more patriotism in your life? Checkout the new year-round candle we call Red, White & Blue.

Always a crowd favorite some say you can even hear the sound of independence ringing when this candle burns. Our Fireworks & Freedom candle is popular every year and not only does it smell good but it's a great addition to any red, white and blue loving family living room.


This scent smells like: citrus & spruce, some call it "Christmas-like" but it's always been described as refreshing and uplifting.

This candle does best in: everywhere and anywhere!

The perfect gift for: those Patriots in your life or for anyone doing at home celebrations for the 4th - or as a thank you gift for those attending such festivities.

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