Family Vacation 12oz.

Family Vacation 12oz.

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Another one of our odor eliminating candles this scent blend is always a best seller in the Summer months! Family Vacation reminds us of why we love oh so much to vacation - but also why it's sometimes so exhausting, especially with kids. Inspired after my own numerous trips with two toddlers this unique blend of orange and chili pepper give you the best of both worlds and leave your space smelling fresh and clean, regardless of how many Thomas the Train tracks are thrown about the floor.


This scent smells like: oranges with a hint of something earthy or herb-like. It's actually chili pepper but it doesn't kick you in the nose at all. 

This candle does best in: entryways, porches, kitchens and living rooms.

The perfect gift for: tourists, parents, vacation homes or getaway gifts. Or anyone that likes a fresh and cleaning smelling living space.

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