Bedtime Stories 12oz.
Bedtime Stories 12oz.

Bedtime Stories 12oz.

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Whether you are a parent or not, everyone understands the struggle of winding down. Whether it's your kids NOT wanting to sleep or your own brain lacking the ability to shut off and tune out. Our Bedtime Stories candle will have whoever is in proximity feeling ready to curl up with a cozy blanket and snooze. While we can't promise you or your kiddos will sleep through the night, we can assure you that this candle smells exactly like fresh cut Lavender.


This scent smells like: fresh cut Lavender

This candle does best in: Bed, bath, laundry or guest rooms! Just remember to not leave your candle burning unattended. We know how zen Lavender get make you but it's not smart to sleep with a candle burning ya'll. 

The perfect gift for: New parents, that stressed out co-worker, a friend or even that kiddo of yours that is now off to college.

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