Backyard BBQ 12oz.

Backyard BBQ 12oz.

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This candle is available in the Summer for June through August.

We wanted a true outdoor loving, all American, summer vacationing scent - and we think we nailed it. Backyard BBQ is the perfect candle to bring back all those memories of family together, food being served and meat roasting. Not to mention guys love the scent! So bring the outdoors in or make the man in your life happy with a meat scented BBQ candle because Backyard BBQ is a limited release!


This scent smells like: a pig roast. Scented a sweet blend of BBQ, a hint of charcoal and a mixture of summer time meats! 

This candle does best in: open living spaces, kitchens, mud rooms, garages and entryways.

The perfect gift for: the man in your life! Or anyone who really enjoys the outdoor memories with family gathered.

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