Antique Weekend 12oz.
Antique Weekend 12oz.

Antique Weekend 12oz.

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Likely one of the most misunderstood candles, Antique Weekend is an underdog in the store which is why we've made it seasonal to Fall and Winter months. This candle unless you've purchased it before rarely sells on it's own - UNLESS I have it burning in the store! Fact! While the chestnut and vanilla really punch you in the nose when you twist off the lid, it's when this candle is burning that it's true warmth and amazingness is shown...or in a candles case, smelled. We simply recommend taking our word for it and trying it for yourself.


This scent smells like: warm chestnut & vanilla. 

This candle does best in: everywhere and anywhere.

The perfect gift for: great for those who are fond of antiquing but it's also a great warm scent for Fall and Winter.

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