Completely Custom for You

If you are interested in getting some custom candles done then you're in the right place!

Our business started on this very concept and we love creating candles with a one of a kind or personal feel. We offer the same quality as our store candles to the public in a variety of ways.

Please read the information below and once you're ready - send your idea to or simply pick up the phone and call 610-587-2572, quotes are usually ready within 48 hours.

We offer 3 types of Custom Candle Work

For Business

If you are a business looking to have custom candles made for your brand in order to resell or use a promotional gift are options are endless but our minimum for first purchase is 100 candles.

We understand this can seem like a steep investment at first but we do maintain an industry standard of 50% off the suggested retail price. Meaning your only going to pay per candle 50% of what you actually (could) sell it for.

For example if we quote you at $6.00 per candle that means we are suggestion you resell your candle for $12.00, but realistically it's YOUR candle to claim so feel free to increase your retail price based on your audience.

We also like to note here that it's only your first order that has a required minimum that is so high, after that reorders can be done for as low as 25 to keep you fully stocked at all times.

For Fundraising

If you are a non profit, church group, organization or even a mom with a great idea to raise funds for something you or your kids are passionate about we offer a complete project with a minimum of only 12 candles! Of course you can increase from there.

Your out of cost will be at or just under industry standard wholesale pricing which is 50% in an effort to maximize your profit for raising funds.

Custom designs are created and there are a variety of sizing options available. We also offer for approved jobs the option to run preorder sales. This way the everyone gets their monies up front and we only make the candles you sell - no left over no sells!

Our turn around time for preorders is as follows for 100 candles or below under a week production, for 100 - 300 candles we ask for two weeks. for 300 to 500 candles three weeks and 500 candles or more 4 weeks or less.

For Personal

But maybe you just need candles for your wedding? Or maybe a baby shower? We LOVE to make personalized gifts for you and your special occasion!

We've done candles for wedding days, bridal showers, baby showers, high school graduations, thank you gifts, church functions, teacher appreciation and so much more!

Minimums are the same as our fundraising candles and start as low as 12 and pricing is anywhere between 30 to 40% off the usual retail price of the candle type.

Don't worry quotes are free and we are very good at working within a budget. We also do offer price brakes - the more you buy the more you save.

I hope this answers the entry level questions about your project. Now you have to do some work for me and email or call to tell us about what exactly it is that you are looking for.
For all our custom work you'll receive as the customer the opportunity to approve your label design and overall look before production as well as choose your scent or scent mix.
***NOTE DUE TO CORONAVIRUS WE ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDING ALL CUSTOM WORK YOU CAN STILL INQUIRE BUT PLEASE NOTE AS WE TRY TO GET OUR STORE BACK ON IT'S FEET WE SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO RESTOCK OURSELVES AND WORK ON CREATIVE PROJECTS. We will update you soon on when we can start accepting orders like these again. Thank you for understanding!! Orders that are currently in for custom work will be completed or refunded, if you've not heard from us please check your email's spam folder before calling 610-587-2572 to inquire about your order status.