My Favorite 1, 2, 3, 4 Candles!

One of the most commonly asked questions of me is:

"Devin, what is your favorite candle?"


To which I always feel completely dumb because a mumbled mess of sounds and randomly thrown together words comes out with explanations that don't often make sense. This isn't of course because I don't know my candles or the product I make - it's because I have all of that + customer impressions and feedback rolling around in my mind while I in the moment attempt to make a decision. But isn't also, (I mean I know it is for me anyway) that your opinion can vary depending on what's going on in your life at the moment OR something even as simple as what season we're in?


Factors for myself anyway that determine my "favorite" scent are:

  • what season are we in
  • what is going on personally in my life
  • how is my mood
  • where am I burning my candles most often


Like many of you, there are a variety of "things" that affect when, why and what candle(s) I burn. Seasonally my scent types change - which is pretty common in the candle community. But also what's happening in my life as well as what my overall mood is can drastically affect what candle I pull from the cabinet to enjoy. For example, when we were heavily saturated in COVID shut downs and stay-at-home orders resulting in our kiddos being in the house more, I was choosing to burn candles like School Bells, Cartoons & Cereal, Front Porch Swing, Sunday Mornings and even Bedtime Stories. These scents are lighter feeling, fun, fresh and seem to embody a sense of hope or inspiration.


But let's get back on track...

If I had to choose a favorite - a favorite of ALL favorites my number 1 still to this day is good old Pennsylvania Sunsets. Inspired by a photo taken by my father-in-law who was house sitting for us while we were away visiting my family in Florida, the picture was later shared and then printed in the local paper. The sunset was just too beautiful to ignore. In later years when we started Life Moments Candle, I sat with that imagery and tried to imagine what this type of sunset and feeling of home would smell like. A sweet tobacco & vanilla mix quickly beat everyone out and from the bat it was my favorite and has always been. It's a candle I wouldn't be mad to live in, and in reality it's a candle I have. Being as it was inspired by one of my favorite places - home.


But aside from this champion (in my mind anyway) of candles, I decided to give you a break down by SEASON of what candles have achieved my top spot:


Kicking us off in WINTER is a new release as of December of 2020, called Snow Angels. This "frosted" Juniper blend does contain of course Juniper which is a tree like shrub in the cypress family. But it's this combined with a touch of sage, berry, pear and cherry blossom that create the 'frosted' notes of this wintery wonderland candle type. Available from November through the end of February it quickly became my favorite during the pandemic as I shifted gears rereleasing our Christmas line. You see the Christmas or "holiday line up" is quite important to me. For one it's our busiest time of year so while quantity is important - can't sell what I don't have made, I'm also a firm believer that quality should always surpass what you are actually able to make or put forth to the world. In thinking this way our 2020 plan of 12+ Christmas candles quickly went out the door and we instead rereleased 4 candles from last year, you know them as: Christmas Tree, Home for the Holidays, Jingle Bells, and Mistletoe Kisses. We also created 2 new scents which you saw and know as Pennsylvania Christmas and my favorite of the bunch, Snow Angels. Totaling 6 instead of 12+ for the 2020 Christmas collection. It was one of my better ideas for sure. This allowed me to really focus on what I knew would sell, but also I'd be able to create 2 new scents that had the potential to be best sellers - and oh boy did they BOTH sell fast and well. Snow Angels is something as a child out of Florida I would never understand without first trying, but since moving to Pennsylvania, living here now for as long as I have, and having two young boys who love anything outdoors - I now know the full embodiment of a snow angel. Sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneous. Snow angels remind us to live in the moment and to always leave something behind that's beautiful - something I think all our lives should be reminded of because life is a beautiful note but, it's not a song that last forever. The crispness of the snow bites your skin with playful accent telling your body you're alive, and this is fun! The coolness of the Earth lays on your skin that in a weird way, warms your soul. And of course the utter silliness of it all, brings a playful beat back into your life in a way normal occurrences just don't understand. I adore Snow Angels as a candle and hope I've done it justice by infusing all of the above things into it. I can burn all day during the Winter months and in any room of our home.


Spring has always been a sort of weird month for me, maybe it's the allergies. Or perhaps it's that while I love the look of floral Spring, I'm not much for floral scents - well that was until I started making my own floral candles BUT I pivot here because my Spring selection is NOT a floral but a cereal! Yes! Let the previous rant at least peek your interest in smelling for curiosity our floral selection - but in case you don't checkout candles such as: Say Grace, Sunday Mornings, Front Porch Swing, Pennsylvania Sunrise, Family Vacation and much more.


Course you could also try out my favorite for this time of year, Cartoons & Cereal! Smelling exactly like Fruit Loops this sugary blend will take you back years to a simple time in your life where all you really cared about was who your friend at school were, what was next to eat and what you were going to do the upcoming weekend. Cartoons & Cereal much like my Winter selection is a great anywhere in the home all day burn. It's almost "clean" in a kid-like way. The story behind Cartoons & Cereal is accidental - literally! We meant to do a sweet candy, Skittle type smell, for one of our humorous Halloween candles and then BAM Fruit Loops blended up and launched me back in time to easier days. We knew instantly we had to design a label and push out this new candle. While many candle companies tend to have a "Saturday Morning" cartoons candle we wanted to be different, and while the name isn't super creative it gets the point across and allows us to have our own thing.


This then takes you into my summer selection which you've already heard about above and honestly I'd burn year round - Pennsylvania Sunsets.


Which ends us up at my Fall choice which many of you likely haven't given a chance, Antique Weekend! This candle is one of the most under rated candles in our store aside from maybe Who Wants Pancakes? Who always get a sniff but as seen low sales as something better usually comes up. But BOTH of these candles do wonderful when burning. Antique Weekend specifically brings about the at home cozy feeling our soul craves as the world slows down, the temperature starts to drop and the leaves begin to fall. The scent of an artfully blended chestnut and warm vanilla will fill any space this candle is burned in, and personally speaking it smells even better lit than just sniffing from the jar. I believe it's the warmth that the fire as it's own element brings to the top note of chestnut. Many times this candle is bypassed by customers but on the rare occasion I actually burn candles in the store, I'll burn this one and everyone falls in love the moment they crack open the shop door. Antique Weekend was inspired by one of my husband and I's first weekends alone when we first moved here to PA. While my other half is from here he hadn't done much exploring before going off into the Service. We had just our oldest at the time - off to Grandma's he went for the day and Jordan and I drove around. We ended up randomly finding an old antique shop that sat on the corner of a 4 way intersection and walked in. The owner was incredibly rude and there were a few mean cats running around but we had fun walking the floor to ceiling aisles looking at items from long ago. I left with a few smaller items and we giggled about the whole experience in general. To this day we can't remember the store's name or where it is but we do remember how much fun we had dusting off items to search for time stamped ink.


And that's a wrap! You now know a few of my favorites but I'm sure as our business continues to grow so will my "collection". Here's a few other worth mentioning candles that I enjoy for myself too from time to time:

- Strawberry Picking *seasonal summer candle

- Who Wants Pancakes? 

- Mom's Fresh Baked Cookies

- Better Together 

- Bedtime Stories

- Campfire Stories

- All Things New *seasonal spring candle


What's your Top 4? Comment below and let me know.

And this month's blog challenge post is to snap a photo of your favorite candle burning at home and share a photo on social media. Tell people why you like it and where they can get it - hopefully it's one of ours ;) 

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