Every Candle Has a Story, 003

What were you raised on?

For me it was tough love, chores, snacks on the go and a whole lot of butter bread. Or as I'd refer to them as, butter sandwiches. This month {May 2021} we released a new limited edition candle called Butter Bread and it has all the warm notes of fluffy white bread with sweet fresh butter laid out in between, but for me there's a flood of moments and lifetime of memories that come flooding back between those 2 pieces of bread and little bit of butter.


I won't keep you long, your out there living your life too, but I'll share with you something that is short and sweet. One of those memories I mentioned above. Growing up I don't remember too much, this is likely due to my anxiety as a child. I had a tendency to be an over achiever, I like to reach high and meet goals - I also didn't have a problem dragging people along with me because I simply wanted them to see what I saw in them for themselves. I come from what I would call a normal home but when I turned about 7-8 my life took an interesting turn when horses were introduced to my life. From there the years spread out with hundreds, probably even thousands of riding lessons sprinkled in between weeks which were shared between months with horse shows and camps too. But it was a few years before my mother was diagnosed and then later passed of cancer that she surprised me with a yearling (which is a horse a year old or just under). He was a Percheron mixed with a Thoroughbred and was from the PMU (Premarin) farms (Google this later for more information). He was such a gorgeous blue roan color, smaller in size but later would grow over 17 hands tall. He was mine. I remember driving home with such delight, my mother in the driver seat, and we went back and forth discussing potential names. A State Trooper drove by and the lights went off in my head - "TROOPER!" I shouted out to my mom.


Trooper like many horses before him became my best friend, but he was a little different because in a way we were growing up together. Raising him to do basic horse things like walking on the lead rope, getting saddled, groomed and eventually to be ridden.


This story ends us here and with the shown photo.

One day after school and ran back to the barn in our yard and Trooper was out in the little paddock, excited to see me, he came running up and we snuggled. That same set of lights flashed in my head and I knew - I was going to get on this horse. Now mind you the little over achiever I was...I was also a fairly shy and nervous child, I know you don't believe me know if you know me as an adult but it's something I've thus far worked my whole life at. Anyways - I decided, with no help or notice, I trusted him and I could do this - WE could do this.


For a little background we had been saddling him and starting to get on and sit for various times but what I was talking about and eventually performed was a simple jump off the fence and sit on my horses back to basically hang out - look this was WAYYYY before social media. You can't hold it against me.


So I grab a flake of hay and tossed it next to the fence. I slipped a halter over his head and clipped a lead rope to both sides to make a set of reins. I carefully climbed the fence and with the confidence of a 5 year old wearing a superhero cape slid my leg over the back of my big blue horse.

It was such a dumb idea.


I wasn't even wearing a helmet.


But I didn't die.

And Trooper was a good horse.

We did trust each other, probably more than anyone could even express in words.


After a few moments of patting him and laying down to give him hugs the back door flies open and my mother comes flying out from the house using various curse words and telling me how stupid and dangerous this was - mean while she was holding the camera.


Trooper stood like a rock, in fact he could care less - he had hay remember?


The point of this story which then leads to this daunting image is that even as a child, when you know - you know. Some of the best things in life require time but some of those same things can be earned with enough patience and trust. Horses have taught me how to handle people.

Which is always:

- listen

- acknowledge

- be compassion

- express kindness freely

- trust first, sometimes that's all anyone ever needs

- be willing to take a chance


Butter Bread is a candle that should take you back. For me that "back" goes way back. To times where the hard decisions were if I should do my homework right after school or early the next morning. To times when outside was better than hanging out inside on my phone. When parents paid the bills and grades and boys were really my only worry - though I tended to worry about a whole lot more. Candles, mine anyway, should take you somewhere, and my hope is that our Butter Bread candle will remind you how much you've lived and how far you've come. Reminding you to hold tight to what seems fun and simple because in the years that pass you'll forget how much they shaped you into the person you are today if you were not reminded to look back so far.


Our Butter Bread candle will be made twice a year in limited batches. Once at the beginning of Spring and once at the beginning of Fall.

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