Every Candle Has a Story, 002

Google defines a friend as a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. So a friend is someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Someone who takes a position in your best interest in times of crisis or urgency. Friendship goes beyond just sharing time together, it's ever lasting and many times undefinable. Our Best Friend candle shares a story with multiple chapters because quite often we never just have one friend. Here's the 1st chapter that kickstarted it all.


Chapter 01, A Kodak Moment

It was Christmas morning of 1998 and I'd begged and begged Santa for a pony since at least the year prior. Outside on the front side walk marked out in chalk was my request with a big arrow on where the pony should be 'dropped'. But it wasn't just any pony... I wanted this snarky Palomino gelding named Snickers - yes, names can be deceiving because I assure you he was anything but sweet.

The message still there.

Both front and back yards still empty.

My little heart sank. You see my mother just a week prior told me during my last lesson before we took a little holiday break that Snickers was leaving the farm. That some girl out of State really wanted him and that he had to go. I knew he had been up for sale and I'd saved pennies I found in parking lots and quarters from couch cushions and forgotten places in the car - but I was more closer to buying a soda then a pony. I cried and cried. Hugging him one last time I remember driving off with my face plastered to the window looking out as his stall hoping that he'd just run away maybe? Or that the little girl would change her mind, or grow up really fast. Remember, I'm 8 years old here.


Christmas went on and presents quickly distracted me from the disappointment of the morning, temporary I knew, but a distraction none the less. That was until suddenly...

Mom yells from the living room, "Devin look outside! What is that!? Is that a horse trailer!?" I didn't run - I flew to the front window and up the drive a rickety 2 horse bumper pull was backing up and settling in with a very special delivery. The neighborhood came alive, we lived in a subdivision at the time so I'm sure the homeowners association was also being called, even the Veteran across the street, who we rarely saw, wheeled out in his chair and at one point I could of swore I saw a tear rolldown his cheek.


The trailer door popped open and it didn't take but half a second for me to recognize the golden butt inside - SNICKERS! I screamed and ran up to quickly take hold of my Christmas day prize, as if it could only be real if the lead rope was in my hand and I could physical hold him as my own. I got my friend back!


Now I opened this story with little detail to this soul of a friend. But what Snickers was on the outside, he was so different to me on the inside. Growing up I'd always been teased and while everyone now a days is bullied, and it even to a degree builds character, I was sick of being short - I'm still but only 4'8ft this day. And I had a hard time making friends because I was unusually quiet and shy - something you probably wouldn't think of me if you know me now. But what this pony did for me was make me believe I was so much more. He tested me every chance he got, and he'd nip at me when attention was directed his way. I can't tell you the countless times he threw me off. But through all of it - I learned to get back up. I learned to be strong. And I learned most importantly, what unconditional love was both given and received, because as much as that pony was a jerk, he also did everything right. We won numerous championships and he quite literally trained me to be the best equestrian I could be. When the fuss died down that morning mom let me put Snickers in our backyard before he had to go back to the farm and as I was crouched down in the grass watching him happily munch grass in the sunlight I heard my dad whisper to my mom, now isn't that a kodak moment. This later became Snickers horse show name and something I always remembered him by.


It wasn't until after his sale to us that we found out more about this little Palomino who was suppose to be 18 but was really 28 years old and also partially blind and deaf. But we didn't care, or should I say, I didn't. Snickers lived with us until he was 36. He was put down after receiving an injury by another horse that broke his hip, he wasn't expected to make it through surgery or recovery well. Yet again I was faced with another life changing moment with my best friend - but this time it was goodbye. While up to this point I had lost a pet or two, I hadn't experienced something so soul clinching. I felt like 8 year old me all over again, except this time Snickers wasn't leaving the State, but leaving this world.


The story for now ends here, simply because there isn't enough time or space to go back through the years and moments that piece together this childhood bond. But that pony knew it all, I shared everything with him and I loved him for everything he was and everything he made me. I then based many relationships, both four legged and two, off this experience and I really felt as though throughout the years I was able to grow up because of it. Snickers made me a better person, just like my middle school and high school friends did too. I to this day now hold a caliber of friendship that may on the outside seem 'higher' then it should - but in reality it's to keep the quality of the relationships I surround myself with authentic and true. We all have that ONE best friend, who regardless of whether they are still with us or around today, shaped how we interact with friends now.


I was taught by a soul who never spoke a word that I was always loved, always more capable then I'd give myself credit, and always worthy of time and attention. I learned because of this very same soul to appreciate what you have when you have it, to hold tight to the things that mean the most and to always say I love you / I appreciate you / or thank you, because who ever is on the other end of those words will never regret hearing them.


Thank you everyone for continuing to be apart of our little business and it's journey! As mentioned, every candle truly does have some sort of moment or memory attached to it and I hope through this community we've created to share that with you more regularly these backgrounds to our candle creations. If you've not read the first Story it was shared previous about our Survivor candle.


Our Best Friend candle is featured year round but sells the best at the start of Summer and around the holidays. It's always a crowd favorite and is available in store and online.

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  • Trish

    What a heartwarming and inspiring story!!🤗😘

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