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Little Moments 12oz.

Little Moments 12oz.

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Life is a bit much sometimes, don't you agree? Invite yourself and perhaps even friends and family to slow down and take life one moment at a time with our new (releasing April 2022) Little Moments candle. Scented sweetly with top notes of fresh citrus and currant it's also got a hint of Jasmine that brings it around as full bodied candle - great for living spaces to invite in the smell of peace and clean. Who doesn't feel less stressed when their house is clean? Or at least smells it :) 



This scent smells like: sweet!! Don't let the Jasmine fool you, it's not really a floral candle. It's more of a clean home that just did the world's largest amount of laundry and now it's all piled up on the living room floor awaiting to be folded. Okay maybe that sounds stressful - but we meant the smell not the task!

Ps. If you like our Cotton Tail candle that comes out yearly for Easter you'll like this one.

This candle does best in: bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways & living rooms.

The perfect gift for: a new family or someone you hope to encourage to slow down and take life in.

  • NEW addition, April's release


Soy wax is made from soybean oil which is removed from the bean after harvest through a mechanical press or extract oil. Soy wax is considered non-toxic (not poisonous), clean burning (meeting several requirements through Federal regulation), and less soot producing. While there has been big debate over the past few years on the safety of soy wax candles in comparison to say a paraffin wax candle (widely seen on the market) it's not necessarily the "soot" that is bad for you but what's actually IN the candle(s) as far as chemicals go. Paraffin wax produce certain emissions, and these can compromise the air quality in any space. Wax does have to pass a series of test before it can be marketed as safe, but it's important to know who you shop with and what they stand for. Life Moments Candle Co. uses quality components - including wicks and oils - to construct our best possible soy wax candle because if we wouldn't use it in our home then it shouldn't be in yours. Our wax is a natural wax that is FDA approved, Kosher certified, sustainably sourced, and is soy with soy-based additives.

We do of course! We are a husband and wife team who have through the years taught ourselves and honed our candle making skills. Our candles are currently made in a studio we setup inside our home and we ship all over the United States. We started our business back in 2016 online and moved to our first retail store in 2019. In 2021 we shut down that location and signed a new lease on a bigger space which opened February of 2022.

With our candles becoming so popular we decided back in January of 2020 to reward our loyal customers with a membership that would ensure they always had a candle on hand but didn't break the bank in doing so. Candle Club is a subscribe anytime, cancel anytime, no hidden fees membership that both local and mail-to customers can enjoy. With 2 price points and ease of options you can be a Club member and receive steep discounts each month and be included in so much more, like polling for our next candle release, member only giveaways and special events/sales.

We all know life is precious, but we have a tendency in today's fast paced world to forget just how fast it goes and how much we sometimes miss out on things because we simply aren't prioritizing the right things. Life Moments Candle Co. reminds us of what's important through the use of highlight moments that matter the most. Like a weekend at Grandma's, a birthday, sunset, your kids playing in the bathtub or the best coffee you've ever sipped. Life is more than precious - it's happening, right now. So, let's help you keep the focus on that. Let us help you remember Sunday mornings, anniversaries, mom's fresh baked cookies and so much more.

Yes. We offer wholesale pricing (50% off our retail pricing) and offer this opportunity for businesses throughout the United States. It is important to note however, that we don't double up stockists in the same city. Please check our list below before applying otherwise you'll be added to a wait list. To apply for wholesale, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Yes we offer several options.

A) Private label, meaning we make the candles, but you handle the branding and labeling. The customer receives the candle size and jar style of their choosing without any labeling. This would be considered under our wholesale option.

B) Custom labeling, meaning we make the candles to the customers size and style, and then based on the customers direction create a label design. This is great for businesses who wish to sell their own candles but cannot do the production themselves. This would be considered a wholesale option.

**we also offer bulk pricing discounts for businesses wishing to buy candles to use as corporate or holiday gifts. Reach out for information and pricing.

C) Custom candles for personal use, this would be for life events like weddings and baby showers for instance. These do not qualify for wholesale pricing but will receive a bulk discount - the more you buy the more you'll save. We offer a variety of sizing and styles, and customers choose everything from jar type to the scent and label design.

D) Fundraising, if approved we offer a variety of ways to sell candles in an effort to raise funds. For instance, the high school cheer team, a non-profit, or special event would qualify.

For information on any of the above options or for something else - scroll down and fill out the contact us form at the bottom of our website.

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what people are saying

I love these candles and they burn clean! All of the scents are great and smell so good. They are true to their description. Devin & her husband Jordan are super nice people who work hard to give us the best candles ever! Try them and you will love them! You can also join Candle Club like I have and have your candles shipped to you every month.

Teresa H.
Dover, PA

Devin has an abundance of candles and moments to choose from! I have used many of these for gift giving at holidays and any special occasion. My MIL loves Who Wants Pancakes and my husband loves Cartoons & Cereal. I love just rotating through my collection as my moods and the seasons change, because there's literally a candle for that!

Arianna S.
Myerstown, PA

We love our Life Moments Candles! The scents are super unique to any other candles you will find. They smell great, are very fragrant, and clean burning! We won't buy from anywhere else.

Kristin C.
Annville, PA

I gave Life Moments candles as 6 teacher gifts this past year and everyone loved them! I make sure I tell everyone about Life Moments candles and because I'm in their Candle Club I enjoy a new candle every month.

Amy M.
Lititz, PA

These are one of the best candles out there you can burn. They are so clean and they smell even better. They always say a toddler is the truest critic and in my case it's the truth! My little one loves these candles so much she will walk around with them for hours just smelling them! Unlit of course. Best candles and best people you could meet.

Katelyn W.
Lititz, PA

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