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Every few months the Life Moments Team likes to sit down and hash out which of our candles should be considered #1 - but we never agree! So here are our favorites and why!

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Don't measure how valuable you are by the way you are treated.

In light of recent events too close to home as well as what's happening in the Nation we've decided to start a movement to share some light and show our men and women in blue that we have their backs. Check out Candles for Cops.

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Thank you.

In the years I've spent following the ebb and flow of life one of the things I've always been able to recall is - thank you. Be it the times I've said it to people and my heart is filled with so much gratitude it could burst, or in the times I've heard it from someone and like a wave from the ocean and feeling of joy settles on me that for some time is unshakeable. We don't hardly say enough to those we love and those we come in contact with - and sometimes we lose the chances to say anything at all. So today, even if you hear it from no one else - THANK YOU.